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LW Designs

LW Designs are available exclusively at 24kt Brat Jewelry.

how we do it

custom design

Let us design a custom piece especially for you. The difficult or complex project is always a welcome challenge.


We use a variety of stone setting techniques to set and secure diamonds and gemstones creating unique quality pieces of jewelry. 24kt Brat can set all shapes of stones with precise attention to detail.

OUR Diamonds

From A Mine to You

When you buy diamond jewelry for yourself or someone special, you're making a big investment. You'll possibly pay top dollar for the most beautiful diamond and setting out there; therefore, you'll understandably want to ensure that your diamond comes from an ethical and credible source.

There is a worldwide initiative in place that prevents the trade of what the industry calls "conflict diamonds." This initiative, known as The Kimberley Process, is strongly enforced by reputable diamond brands such as Hearts On Fire to ensure that all diamonds are ethical sourced.

When you buy a diamond that states it adheres to the Kimberley Process, as all 24kt Brat's diamonds do, you can rest assured that your diamond is conflict-free.

designing just for you